Our passive placement model allows you to buy and place a machine that we service and fill with pizza on your behalf.

Our machines are the 1st in the country to feature actual deck pizza ovens. Each machine contains two pizza ovens that cook your pizza on the bottom and top, so you get perfect crust, bubbly cheese and toppings every time in as little as 3 minutes. We offer personal 8” round & Detroit Style square pizzas, 12” round pizzas along with hot soft pretzels, chocolate chip cookies and garlic cheese sticks.

We believe that hot, fast and delicious food should be available 24/7 365. No more worrying if your favorite restaurant is closed or spending hours searching for a late-night pizza shop. The world of food has changed, and we are excited to offer an innovative automated solution that addresses the needs of hungry people everywhere.

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The Machine

Each machine is durably constructed to stand up to high traffic and weather elements

  • 96 Stored Pizzas
  • 2 Deck Ovens & 2 Delivery Hatches
  • Cashless payments
  • Large Touch Screen Ordering
  • Built-In Refrigeration
  • Ability To Distribute Hot or Cold Pizzas
  • 100% Connected For Sales & Supply Management
  • Capri Smart Pizza App (Coming Soon)


Coming soon to an area near you, Capri Smart Pizza Machines are perfect for the following locations indoors and outdoors-

  • Airports
  • Stadiums
  • Shopping Malls
  • Office Buildings &
  • Campuses
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Out lots
  • Small Retail Spaces
  • Public Parks
  • Gas Stations
  • Convenience Stores
  • Existing Restaurants
  • Anywhere with hungry people!

Place A Machine

Contact us here if you are interested in placing a machine. Our passive placement model allows you to buy and place a machine that we service and fill with pizza on your behalf. Make passive income 24/7 utilizing your existing real estate/location while we do all the work!

We are always looking for more corporate run locations, if you have a location that you think would be great for a pizza machine Contact us here and we will reach out to discuss how you can earn passive income just by helping us place a new machine!

We handle everything from start to finish.

  • Permitting
  • Installation
  • Food Delivery
  • Maintenance
  • Regional Advertising
  • Analytics & Real Time Reporting
  • Customer Service
  • Capri Smart Pizza APP

Your only job is to watch the money hit your bank account!