Detroit's best-kept secret since 1960.

Capri Pizza has always been family owned and operated and that tradition continues today. Our dough and sauce are made fresh daily and we continue to use only the finest ingredients. Try out our new online ordering or join our Text Club for exclusive offers and early access to new menu items!

Capri Pizza Southfield MI

Detroit-style pizza, beer, and wine... delivered!

Capri Pizza has a history of handcrafted Detroit-style pizza, order online today to try it for yourself.

5 star/pizza rating

This pizza is what pizza should always be. Honestly I’m proud of this pizza for being so pizza.

Patty Gould

5 star/pizza rating

Go-to place for Detroit style and round pizza. It just feels like they love to dish out great pizza.

Adam Lee

5 star/pizza rating

The staff was great and the pizza was excellent. I will return and recommend to everyone. ​

Martin family

5 star/pizza rating

We always ask for delivery our order always arrive promptly or even a bit earlier. Their pizza and other foods could not be better.

Gerald Maloney

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Ready to order? Start with our most popular Combos...

Capri Pizza Deal - Lasagna for Two
Icon Deal Lasagna

Lasagna for tw0


Combo includes:

  • Order of Lasagna
  • Medium Salad
  • Garlic Loaf
Capri Combo
Icon Deal Capri

Capri Combo


The perfect combo for dinner tonight:

  • Large 1-Topping Pizza
  • Garlic Cheese Stix
  • 2-Liter of Soda
Capri Pizza Family Feast Deal
Icon Deal Family

Family Feast


The perfect combo for dinner tonight:

  • Large 3-Topping Pizza
  • 10 Wings
  • Large Salad
  • 2-Liter of Soda

...Or Explore our menu Yourself


Choose between our famous Detroit-style pizza or our traditional round and thin crust options. Each pizza is full of flavor and made specially for you.


One thing is for sure, our wings that will make you do a happy dance. Choose between our spicy or original flavor.

Cheese Bread

Cheese Sticks

Cheese? Check. Savory dough? Check. Garlic, parmesan, and buttery topping? Check. You simply cannot go wrong with our original Garlic Cheese Stix.


Hey, it’s your world. We’re just here to make things as tasty as possible for you. Choose from our famous Antipasto Salad, Greek Salad, or Garden Salad.



Ancient Greece created the cheesecake, we just perfected it for them.

Beer, Wine and Pop

Beer, Wine & Pop

Not your father’s pizza shop. We can deliver beer, wine, and more right to your door.

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