Your Safety - Our Priority

First and foremost, we would like to send our warmest well wishes to all of those who have been affected or know someone who has been affected by the outbreak of COVID-19. Our team has gone through extensive training and protocols to ensure that every customer is given the safest and best experience.

Safe Preparation

Our kitchen is consistently being cleaned, sanitized, and restocked with PPE and supplies. Our staff has been trained on how to limit any cross contamination and ensure every item that is prepared is done so in the safest manner possible.

Pre-Shift Wellness Checks

Our team understands the risks and responsibilities that come with their job duties, and we have extensive policies in place to ensure a safe workplace. Employees will be sent home or not allowed to start their shift if they feel ill in any way.

Hand Washing

Everyone on the Capri team is required to wash their hands regularly and in compliance with Oakland County Health Department regulations. We closely follow Food Safety Nation’s recommendations on handwashing techniques for restaurant food handlers.

Deep Cleaning

At the beginning and end of employees’ shifts, Capri conducts a deep cleaning of the entire restaurant. Utensils, cooking stations, ovens, cashiers, and common areas are all wiped down and disinfected with supplies approved by the CDC.

Gloves and Masks

Capri will continue to follow all local and State ordinances as well as the national guidelines established by the CDC around mask and glove wearing. We take your health and safety seriously.

Social Distancing

Capri has reorganized the layout of our waiting area and kitchen to allow every employee and customer to properly social distance. We diligently adhere to all local and state mandates in regards to the number of people allowed in our building at once.

Contact-Free Delivery

When you order delivery from Capri, you can safely request your order to be left at your door, in your lobby, or another requested location. All of our drivers follow the recommendations provided by the CDC to ensure everyone’s safety.

Curbside Pick-Up

When you order pick-up from Capri, you can safely wait in your car while an employee finishes preparing your order. When you arrive, simply call us with your name and phone number and we are happy to bring your order out to you.

Help us by ordering safely



Online or by phone

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Contact-free delivery

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Placed on clean surface

We will place your order on a clean surface and the driver will remain at a safe distance.

It is always Capri’s priority to provide our customers with the best experience possible. With the COVID-19 pandemic still prevalent in our community, that means also providing you with the safest experience possible.

It is our honor to serve our community and build lasting relationships with those around us. Capri is looking forward to the day we can once again see all your smiling faces, but we know that means we have to stay diligent and extensive in our safety precautions. Thank you for understanding.

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